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Tourist information and guide to daily excursions and sightseeing tours from Marmaris, Turkey...

Boasting stunning landscapes and natural surroundings, long stretches of golden sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, quiet little bays, countless ancient ruins and all the typical charms and hospitality of any Turkish city, Marmaris has all the hallmarks of a Mediterranean paradise. Below you'll find detailed information about the popular daily excursions from Marmaris.

As it is not a good idea to discover and see Marmaris and around by yourself; attending to a Marmaris excursions is the best choice on your holidays.

In Marmaris there are lots of daily excursions opportunities.

If you love outdoor sports, than the Jeep Safari Tour; Quad & Buggy Safari Tour and Horse Safari Tour are the best options. If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the incredible countryside views, head out on a Marmaris jeep safari. If you love water sports, than the Diving Tour; Fishing Tour; Rafting Tour; Water Parks and Dolphin Park are the best options.

As for daily boat trips; a Lazy day out Boat Trip along the beautiful coasts & bays of Marmaris; Dalyan & Mud Bath & Turtle Beach Boat Trip and Marmaris Moonlight Dinner Cruise are the best options. The Dalyan Boat Trip & Mud Baths is the perfect place for both adults and kids. It is a must in your Marmaris holidays.

A daily trip to the famous Cleopatra Island (Sedir-Cedrae) and enjoy the beautiful golden sandy beach and the ancient city remnants is another must in your Marmaris holidays.

If you would like to discover and experience the beautiful villages, countryside, the culture and the nature; than Marmaris Village Tour is a great option. And as for the side trips from Marmaris; daily trips to Pamukkale and Ephesus will definitely be fascinating.

How to attend to Marmaris Excursions?
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Below you may the popular Marmaris excursions.

Popular Daily Excursions from Marmaris for you...

Outdoor Sports & Activites Tours from Marmaris for you...

  • Marmaris Jeep Safari

    If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the incredible countryside views and breathtaking scenery, than head out on a Marmaris jeep safari.
  • Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari

    If you want to experience the motor ride and drive on the brand new quads along the safe routes deep in nature, than head out on a Marmaris quad safari.
  • Marmaris Horse Safari

    If you want to make something different, a horse safari day on the horse back along the picturesque landscape of Marmaris national parks will be great.
  • Rafting Tour

    Marmaris Rafting Tour is a great excursion and attraction in Marmaris for the nature and adventure lovers. The white water rafting is available on the waters the Dalaman River.
  • Karting Tour

    Go Kart is a great option for an exciting and fun day out in your Marmaris holidays.

Water Sports & Water Activities Tours from Marmaris for you...

  • Scuba Diving Tour

    Daily diving tours for both professionals and beginners are recommend to experience the diving adventure in the beautiful Marmaris bays.
  • Fishing Tour

    During the fishing trip, you may experience and enjoy a tailor made day of fishing, sightseeing, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, snoozing & eating and more.
  • Marmaris Dolphin Park

    In Marmaris Dolphin Park; you may watch the dolphins, meet a dolphin on a platform and swim with the dolphins.

Daily Boat Trips & Boat Tours from Marmaris for you...

  • Marmaris All Inclusive Boat Trip

    Marmaris all inclusive boat trips offer great fun attractions such as sailing, plenty swimming, snorkelling and sun-bathing and comes with lunch and all local drinks free.
  • Marmaris Lazy Day Boat Trip

    Marmaris lazy boat trip is made to the popular nearby coves and side bays of Marmaris, beaches and islands.
  • Dalyan Boat Trip

    Marmaris to Dalyan boat trips offer great attractions such as sailing, Dalyan's wonderful nature, turtle beach, mud bath and king tombs and comes with drinks and snacks.
  • Marmaris Dinner Cruise

    Marmaris Dinner Cruise is a great evening and romantic attraction in Marmaris made along beautiful waters of Marmaris on a boat by the moonlight.

Sightseeing Tours & Side Trips from Marmaris for you...

  • Marmaris Village Tour

    Marmaris Village Tour is a great day out and sightseeing activity and excursion made from Marmaris to the nearby villages to discover and experience the beautiful villages, village life countryside, the culture and the nature.
  • Cleopatra Island Tour - (18 km. from Marmaris)

    Cleopatra Island (Sedir) is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae.
  • Pamukkale Tour - (200 km. from Marmaris)

    Pamukkale is one of the best known attractions in Turkey with its unique waters (cotton castle) and the ancient Roman baths. It is a natural wonder.
  • Ephesus Tour - (215 km. from Marmaris)

    Ephesus is also one of the best known attractions in Turkey worthy of its house of Virgin Mary and Temple of Artemis.
  • Rhodes Tour - (45 mins by ferries)

    Rhodes is a Greek island located on the south-west of Marmaris. Today, the Island of Rhodes is an important tourist destination in the Mediterranean.

Leisure Activities & Entertainment Tours from Marmaris for you...

  • Turkish Bath

    Turkish Bath (Hamam) is Turkey's favourite tradition. You'll have a great relaxation on the marble chamber bath and steam cleaning and massage by the professional masseurs. A great Turkish experience and you'll get refreshed.
  • Turkish Night

    Turkish Night is a special attraction for letting the foreign holidaymakers experience the Turkish culture and traditions. The program begins with dinner with live Turkish music and followed the dance of beautiful Turkish Belly dancers.

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