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Marmaris is the one of the best destinations for the best blue cruising in Turkey. In Marmaris, you are able to find a good one way yacht charter or gulet charter trips to Datca, Karacasogut, Gulf of Gokova, Gulf of Hisaronu, Bodrum, Gocek and Finike. There are a lot of opportunities for a Blue Voyage trip with different sailing routes from Marmaris.

What is Blue Cruising or Blue Voyage?

Blue Voyage is a type of tourism and holiday particular to Turkey made by the traditional Gulets (Schooners) unique to Turkey’s Mediterranean and Aegean turquoise coasts. The very long coastline is a surprise of nature in the company of isolated bays, wonderful beaches, historic scenes and wonders of nature. Most travelers thinking of a different type of vacation rather than staying in their hotels and enjoying the sun and the sea prefer to take a blue voyage trip in their vacation plans.

You are able to find quality Yacht charters in Marmaris, Gulet charters in Marmaris or Cabin charters in Marmaris for an impressive blue cruising in Marmaris.

The Mediterranean and Aegean coastline of Turkey is a treasure-chest of coves, inlets, bays and beaches. The yachtsmen may easily find a anchoring or mooring area for every night. Blue voyages also offers activities such as swimming in the crystal clear waters, fishing, water-skiing, wind-surfing and diving for the true sea lovers. The ancient cities of Knidos, Kaunos, Telmessos, Antiphellos, Myra, Olympos, Phaselis and the rock-tombs in the Lycian cities await you for a wonderful experience. As a summary, travelers are attending to a one to seven days (or more) trips with gullet yachts and are enjoying the turquoise waters, beaches, bays and coasts.

What is a Gulet (Schooner)?

A gulet is a wooden motor sailing yacht built for blue cruising. Most gulets can be considered as wooden and motor yachts as well as they all have sails too. These yachts are built for you to spend your days on the deck during the charter. Spacious decks and housing a large stern half moon shaped dining and lounging area are the gulet’s main specialties. The passenger capacity of a gulet varies 8 and 16 according to the size. They all have a wide deck in the front parts for sunbathing. The mid-ship parts are used for the bar, kitchen and living room. The stern deck mostly used for resting as well. Seating, dining tables, bar and kitchen take place in this enclosed area.

The cabins take place in the lower deck. A gulet can also be considered as a small hotel afloat. They have an approximate speed of 8 to 11 knots. Gulets are similar to cruise liners and small passenger boats only in that they offer private accommodation to their guests. Close quarters on a gulet promote an atmosphere of friendship and sharing. Relationships among the passengers and the crew tend to be friendlier. Another specialty of a gulet is that a gulet can take you to all smaller isolated bays whereas cruisers are just bound from one port to another. 

Blue Voyage & Blue Cruising in Marmaris

Marmaris is the best blue voyage center of Turkey. Marmaris is very close to the airports; Dalaman - Bodrum - Izmir and Rhodes. There are daily trips supporting the connection of Rhodes-Marmaris during the summer season. The Catamarans are twice a day and it takes about two hours. In Marmaris, you are able to find a good one way charter trips to Datca, Karacasogut, Gulf of Gokova, Gulf of Hisaronu, Bodrum, Gocek and Finike.

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Blue Voyage Destinations

Blue Voyage can be made along the coasts of Marmaris through the Bodrum and Antalya region. The area is about 350 nautical miles. The coasts are undulated and curly which increase the sailing distance but this is the unique feature of the Blue Voyage. Isolated bays, ancient cities, nice villages and gorgeous beaches worth seeing. There are a lot of opportunities for a Blue Voyage trip with different sailing routes. Two basic routes are to the west and to the east.

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