Practical Info & Advice for Blue Cruising in Marmaris

To attend a blue voyage trip and blue cruising in Marmaris; you should either find a "Yacht Charter" or "Cabin Charter" in Marmaris.

Complete Yacht Charter is for the ones who want to attend a blue voyage with their families or friends of 8 to 16 people. It can be considered as chartering of the entire yacht. You may rent a boat (meals inclusive or not) for a week or two if you are group of friends or family of 8 to 16 people. In most rentals, the tour is organized according to your choices and taste. You need to select a boat and after finalizing the arrangements than it comes planning the blue voyage route. While planning the route, you also need to define the departure and arrival ports. And after all itinerary done, you may give your daily sailing plans to your skipper and enjoy your tour.

Cabin Charter is for the ones who are alone or a couple and want to attend a tour. In that case you should find a Cabin Charter and enjoy the blue voyage with other worldwide travellers.

You are able to find quality quality Yacht charters in Marmaris, Gulet charters in Marmaris or Cabin charters in Marmaris for an impressive blue cruising in Marmaris....

Choosing the Boat

Below are the recommendations for choosing the suitable boat for your blue voyage trip.

* The boat should be well cared and in good condition. The construction year of the boat or its being new is not that important. Maintenance is the most important thing.

* You should determine your expectations and needs first. You should decide the boat you’ll choose after a conversation with the agency or captain. The price of the boat is related with the size of the boat and the equipments. Don’t forget that the bigger and expensive boat doesn’t mean that it will meet your expectations.

* The electricity in the most yachts is 12/24 volts. You should keep this in your mind and talk with the captain if you are willing to bring electrical stuff with you such as shavers, players, cell phones or computers.

Blue Voyage & Gulet Cruise “Do Not Forget” List

Below are the things that you should not forget in your Blue Voyage trip.

* The first and the most important thing is to bring your camera or cam recorder. The surprises of nature in the company of isolated bays, wonderful beaches and historic scenes worth taking the records and photos.

* We recommend you not to bring large luggage. The cabins are not as huge as a hotel room. Blankets, big towels and sheets are served in the boats so you don’t need to bring that stuff with you.

* Don’t forget to bring extra swim suits, slippers, sunglasses, lotions for sunbathing, snorkeling equipments, fly protection lotions and medication.

* Don’t forget to bring walking shoes for the hiking tours, woolen shirts-jackets, shorts and pants for the cooler nights.

* For those who want to sleep on the deck in the nights, it is better to bring sleeping bag.

* Although every boat has its own entertainment stuff, it might be nice if you bring your own playing cards, games (i.e. chess, backgammon), books and music stuff with you.

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