Blue Cruising along Bodrum and Gokova 2019 Route Info

Blue Voyage from Bodrum to Gokova is your third option and is very exciting. Gokova Gulf is one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations due to its heaven nature with lots of coves and history. You may have a blue voyage in Gokova Gulf from two days to a week. The Cleopatra (Sedir) Island (Cedrae), the English Harbor, Longoz, Ballica, Cokertme and Kerme Bay are the recommended destinations during your voyage.


Bodrum is described as "the Land of the Eternal Blue" by Homeros. An impressive medieval castle built by the Knights of the Rhodes guards the entrance to Bodrum's dazzling blue bay, in which the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet.

Bodrum is world wide famous, attracting a diverse population of vacationers who stroll along its long palm-lined waterfront as the elegant yachts crowd the marina. No far from the town, you can swim in clear, tideless and warm seas. Underwater environment is really fascinating.

Gokova Gulf

The gulf has an outstanding view from the pine covered high hills. The translucent and deep waters of Gokova Gulf, on the southern shore of the Bodrum Peninsula vary from the darkest blue to the palest turquoise, and the coastline is thickly wooded with every hue of green. In the evenings, the sea reflects the mountains' silhouette against the sunset and during the night the region shimmers with phosphorescence.

Cleopatra (Sedir) Island (Cedrae) ~ The Cleopatra Beach

Sedir Island (Cedrea) is also known as Cleopatra Island or City Island. Sedir Island is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae. The remnants of the city walls can be seen. It is famous with its huge beach and ancient theatre ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra swim here. According to the legend, Cleopatra and Antonius swim here and the sands have been brought by the ships from North Africa. It's been said that this type of the sand can only be seen in Egypt. The ruins on the east part of the island stands for the era of Romans.

English Harbour ~ Longoz ~ Ballisu

The English Harbour is a must see destination in the blue voyage. The harbour is looking like a lake and the shores are covered with pine and rose-bed forests. Here is a popular destination for a lunch break. By the shore, the wonderful forests of Longoz worth seeing. The Blue Voyagers mostly prefer to spend the night in Ballisu where there are excellent springs of fresh drinking water.


Cokertme is a wide cove located on the north side of the Gokova Gulf, between the Kepce Cape and Karaburun. There is a small village of Cokertme by the shore. The shore is quite long. The region is a well protected area against the strong winds so that the yachts mostly prefer this region for mooring.

Kerme Bay

Kerme Bay is a wonderful bay where the history and nature come together. The history of the bay dates back to the ninth century BC. Inside the city walls, the Zeus temple and the Byzantium Churches worth seeing.

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