Transportation in Marmaris

Tourist information and guide to transportation and getting around Marmaris, Turkey...

As for transportation in Marmaris; holidaymakers can get around Marmaris via dolmus (midibus), taxis, taxi boats or vehicle/car/bicycle hire. Public transportation via dolmus is the most practical and popular one. In addition, bus tours for excursions are popular in Marmaris and especially the guided ones are the best choices as they enable the visitors to navigate the town and sights easily. Marmaris center and old town can easily be explored on foot.

Pulic Transportation
Dolmus (midibus) is the most preferred and cheapest way to get around Marmaris. They depart from the central Marmaris, mostly in front of the Tansas Supermarket and they stop wherever you want to. There are several dolmus lines for the holidaymakers to reach their accommodation facilities that include Marmaris-Icmeler, Marmaris-Siteler, Marmaris-Armutalan etc. Dolmus lines operate till 02.00 a.m. especially in the high summer season.

Also there are numerous minibuses for the nearby towns and villages such as Hisaronu, Datca, Koycegiz ect.

There are taxi boats for Icmeler and Turunc from Marmaris which is also popular for the holidaymakers.

For travelling outside to other destinations of Turkish Riviera, travellers are able to find many busses to numerous Turkey cities and towns such as Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye, Istanbul, Izmir etc. from the "Marmaris Otogar", the bus station.

Taxis in Marmaris are yellow and have taxi signs on the roof.

Rent a Car
Car Hire in Marmaris is very useful and easy especially for the ones who want to make side trips. Hiring a car has some great advantages in that it will give you the freedom to experience your destination on your own schedule so you won't be worrying if you've missed the tour bus. This also means you'll be able to visit more of the places that you are interested in seeing and hopefully get the most out of the time you have in Marmaris. Car Hire can also take away a lot of the hassle and stress that is associated with finding a taxi at the airport and dealing with a public transport system that you are not familiar with.

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