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Tourist information and guide to Dalyan, the Iztuzu beach, Caretta Carettas, Mud Baths and the ancient city of Kaunos, Turkey...

Dalyan is a popular resort located on the 80 kilometers southeast of Marmaris. Dalyan can be considered as a wonder of nature where the sea and the lake come together. The region is famous with the golden beach of Iztuzu, the sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), healthy mud bath and the ancient city of Kaunos. A must see place for the holiday makers.

Dalyan has variety of beautiful lakes. The labyrinthine canals and natural beaches fascinate the visitors. A road shaded with aromatic frankincense trees leads to the village of Dalyan on the inland waterway. The maze of channels are easily explored by small boats. The Dalyan Delta, with a long and golden sandy Iztuzu Beach at its mouth, is a nature conservation area and a refuge for the sea turtles (Caretta Caretta) and the blue crabs. Besides the Caretta Carettas, the Nile Turtles (Trionyx Tringulus) also live in the region by the lake.

Dalyan's very famous mud bath is another great attraction for the visitors. Dalyan's hot springs and mud bath is very healthy for the patients having the diseases such as rheumatism, sciatica and calcinosis. High on the cliff face, at a bend in the river, above the fascinating ancient harbour city of Kaunos and the magnificent tombs are carved into the rock. Kaunos is located nearby the Candir Village, on the west side of the Dalyan Creek.

Dalyan is a great tourist area with its history, turtle beach and thermal mud. Kaunos is inside the region and worth seeing. Kaunos was a Caria city in the 4th century BC. The area is very huge with terrace Temple, seaport Agora, theatres, rock tombs and bath. The remnants are from the eras of the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman and the Byzantium. The rock tombs really worth seeing.

Things to Do & See in Dalyan

Dalyan offers great opportunities for its visitors. In Dalyan, you may enjoy your holiday in the company of the great beaches, the sun and the sea. Boat trips through the wonderful labyrinthine canals of Dalyan is another attraction. You may easily find boats for the trip.

The Dalyan Mud Baths is the perfect place for both adults and kids. Kids won’t believe how lucky they are as they can get as mucky as they want, since you have to be caked in the mud for its alleged benefits to work. After you wash it off in a 40 degree sulphur pool, it is claimed that your skin will be glowing and cleansed, and this mud has even been reported to ease rheumatism ailments. The region is always crowded and joyful.

Iztuzu Beach will fascinate you for sure. The golden sandy beach worth spending a day in. The ancient city of Kaunos awaits you for a historical trip. The rock tombs are really fascinating. There are also few trekking tours organized around Dalyan. You may participate the tours and have fun in the company of the heaven nature.

Where to Stay?

Dalyan offers variety of hotels and holiday resorts.

How to Get there?

Dalyan is located on the 80 kilometers southeast of Marmaris. By road, you need to take the bus for the village Koycegiz first. You may find transportation from Koycegiz to Dalyan later on. The best way to visit Dalyan for Marmaris travelers is to take a daily boat trip from Marmaris to Dalyan.

Full-Day Dalyan Boat Tour from Marmaris with Lunch

You may attaend to Dalyan boat trips from Marmaris and enjoy a great day by exploring the Dalyan Delta by boat, travel through the networks of water channels, enjoy the mud baths and sulphur springs and to relax on the natural reserve of Turtle Beach.

Marmaris Boat Trip Info

For more info & reservation;
Office: 0252 417 46 63 ; GSM: 0505 057 84 86
Agent: The Travel Shop Marmaris
Web: www.marmaristrips.com
Address: Merkez district, Inanlar Str. No:5, Armutalan-MARMARIS

Full-Day Dalyan Boat Tour from Marmaris with Lunch

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