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Pamukkale is a natural wonder of unrivalled beauty. Here in the southwestern part of Turkey is Denizli Province, home to Pamukkale. The word means “cotton castle” and is the key natural feature in this region. Pamukkale is one of the best known attractions in Turkey with its unique waters (cotton castle) and the ancient Roman baths. The hot mineral waters that have been springing from the earth here for centuries have created a white stone wonderland, topped by the ancient city of Hierapolis above, sitting on the plateau.

The natural hot waters are a special treat. Bathing, especially in the morning or evening is a particular joy, surrounded by surreal yet stunning landscapes, long, undisrupted valley views, and all the time, you know that the waters are healing any stiff joints or ailments you may have! What more could you possibly wish for?

What is Pamukkale is and how it came to be?

To say the least, Pamukkale is an overlooked natural wonder that is worth visiting whenever you vacation in Turkey’s southwestern region. The area contains numerous hot springs and carbonate mineral terraces (or travertines) that were left behind as mineral deposits from the river. These travertine features originated due to a shifting of the Menderes valley fault line.

As the fault continued shifting, extremely hot springs containing a high chalk content began to rise to the surface and build the terraces that are currently visible. These travertines were created by the reaction that occurs when the calcium and hydrogen carbonate are combined and forming calcium carbonate and limestone as a result. This calcium carbonate is referred to as travertine and it created the pools as well as the white coloration that Pamukkale is known for. A hat and sunglasses are highly recommended apparel when visiting here in the summer as the climate and the water in these pools gets extremely hot.

Things to Do & See in Pamukkale

History, myth and legend
The city was originally established as a health spa of sorts and tourists have bathed in these waters for centuries. Over the years, many developers constructed hotels for the tourists visiting the area but they were always damaged as these structures were constructed atop the ruins of the ancient city. These remaining hotels were eventually destroyed when Pamukkale was designated as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in 1988.

Many locals often talk about the legends and myths of the waters’ healing powers. One such legend is about a young and ugly woman that no one wanted to marry. Attempting to end her life, she threw herself off one of the travertines a pool in an attempt to commit suicide. Strangely enough, she did not die as she had planned and instead, emerged from the water as a pretty woman. Upon passing her, Lord Denizli gazed upon her features and immediately fell in love with her and they soon married.

Things to Do & See in Pamukkale

In addition to the above, there are a few other attractions for tourists to take in when visiting the area in your Turkey holidays. These include;

* Kaklik caves – an underground version of Pamukkale located about 30 minutes away
* Karahayit – known as the red spring, it’s not quite the outcropping found at Pamukkale but it is only 5 minutes away
* Roman amphitheatre of Hierapolis – nearby is the ruins of this 12,000-seat arena

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