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Ciftlik is also a very unique and beautiful place located about 33,3 kilometres on the southwest of Marmaris. On the first kilometre to Sogut from Bayir, you will see the sign for Ciftlik. The road to Ciftlik is a downhill and has great landscape around. In one side there is the Ciftlik Cove, on the other side the Hisaronu Gulf salutes you. The environment is great with pine covered forests. Ciftlik is famous for its wonderful bay, unique large sandy beach, Gebekse Cove, diving, water sports, cafes and restaurants by the beach front.

Things to Do & See in Ciftlik

Ciftlik has very beautiful and unique sandy beach. The big sands are very rare that there are very few beaches like Ciftlik beach in and around all Marmaris coves and bays. The sea is always bright in Ciflik and the beach covers the whole cove. The cove is a popular pit stop of the daily boat tours. The beach is becoming crowded with the daily boat visitors. There is also a small island along the Ciftlik Bay which is private property.

In Ciftlik, you may enjoy your holiday in the company of the great beaches, the sun and the sea. Watersports is also available. Another popular attraction in Ciftlik is diving. The rocky area in both sides of the cove is very suitable for diving.

The Gebekse Cove nearby the Ciftlik beach is also popular mooring area for blue cruising yachts and gulets. Gebekse Bay also has a lovely small beach and a harbour restaurant. For diving or swimming you may go to the Gebekse Cove.

In Gebekse Cove, you may also see the remnants of an old church named "Pregnant Church". Swimming and snorkelling in the Gebekse Cove is a must for holidaymakers that you'll feel like you are in paradise. You may visit Gebekse Cove only by boats from Ciftlik as there is no path from Ciftlik.

Where to Stay?

There is a 4 star hotel and a couple of pensions B&B located in the area for accommodation in Ciftlik.

How to Get There?

Ciftlik is located about 33,3 km. on the southwest of Marmaris. You may go Ciftlik via the road from Sogut and Bayir. Transportation to the Ciftlik Village is about 2 hours by the sea.

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