Charming Places, Beautiful Corners & Sights in and around Marmaris

Tourist information & guide to charming places, beautiful corners and sights in and around Marmaris...

Marmaris has variety of charming places, beautiful corners and sights that worth a visit and see within 50 km. from central Marmaris on your Marmaris holidays. If you want to take as much advantage as possible of the incredible countryside views, beautiful bays, fantastic beaches, great valleys and canyons, than you may explore those charming places and enjoy your Marmaris holidays.

The most visited and popular charming places, beautiful corners and sights in and around Marmaris include;

  • Gunnucek, Fake Strait and Paradise Island, located just across the Marmaris Bay, about 8 km. from Marmaris, is a popular place to spend a great day out in a forest area on the seashore during hot summers..

  • Cleopatra Island & Cleopatra Beach, also known as Sedir Island (Cedrae), is located about 18 km. from Marmaris and can be accessed from the Camlik port. Cleopatra Island is famous with its golden sandy beach known as Cleopatra Beach and the ancient city of Cedrae ruins. There is an interesting beach on the small bay on the northwest of the island where it is believed that Cleopatra used to swim here.

  • Bayir village is located about 23,6 km. from Marmaris. The village is famous for its historical plane tree, ancient City of Syrna remnants and its Mosque. It is very exciting to take a break and have your coffee, tea or ayran (yoghurt drink) under the huge plane tree in the village square.

  • Kizkumu beach is located in the Orhaniye town, about 26,4 km. from Marmaris. The beach is fantastic that travellers may walk along the middle of the bay. According to the legend, there was a lady who was in love and she tries to pass through the sea to reach her love by filling her skirt with sands. And when she is out of sand, she drowns.

  • Turgut Waterfall (Selale) is located in the Turgut villages, about 30,8 km. from Marmaris. It is the most popular attraction in Turgut. You may take a short nature walk in the company of the forest and small waterfall there. And also you may taste the local food.

  • Karacasogut is a charming place situated in a lovely bay, about 24,1 km. from Marmaris. Karacasogut is famous for its famous for its impressive bay, the waterfall with a natural pool, cave and antique settlements. There is also a small marina, a small port for 15 yachts, sailing school, restaurant and market.

  • Bordubet (Birds' Bed) is a picturesque and secluded bay situated on the Gulf of Gokova, about 28,4 km. from Marmaris, nestled in between forested hills and mountains and has an azure and calm sea. Travellers may do canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking along the forest paths while listening to birds singing, fishing and mountain biking. There are also two glamping (boutique camping) facilities.

  • Gulf of Gokova, about 30 km. from Marmaris, has an outstanding view from the pine covered high hills. The Akcapinar beach which is a world famous spot for kitesurfing, the charming holiday village of Akyaka and nearby Azmak River, the famous Cleopatra Island & Cleaopatra Beach and the Akbuk Cove are the popular sights around Gulf of Gokova.

  • Dalyan, located 80 km. on the southeast of Marmaris, can be considered as a wonder of nature where the sea and the lake come together. The region is famous with the golden beach of Iztuzu, the sea turtles (Caretta Caretta), healthy mud bath and the ancient city of Kaunos. Dalyan is accessible by boat trips from Marmaris.

  • Knidos, located 110 km. on the southwest of Marmaris, is one of the best promenade areas of the region. Knidos was the most important port city of Caria. Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantium traces can be seen in the region. There is an outstanding panorama on the hill. From one side you see the Aegean Sea, on the side you see the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Charming Places, Beautiful Corners & Sights in and around Marmaris for you...

    • Gunnucek, Fake Strait and Paradise Island - (8 km. from Marmaris)

      National park, yacht marina, impressive island, picnics, swimming, sunbathing, hiking...
    • Cleopatra Island & Cleopatra Beach - (18 km. from Marmaris)

      The unique golden Cleopatra beach, ancient city of Cedrae, Camli port, impressive natural beauties...
    • Bayir village - (23,6 km. from Marmaris)

      The historical plane tree, ancient City of Syrna remnants, Mosque, local food and drinks...
    • Kizkumu beach - (26,4 km. from Marmaris)

      Wonder of nature, beautiful bay, fantastic beach, swimming, sunbathing, hiking...
    • Turgut Waterfall - (30,8 km. from Marmaris)

      Village, impressive waterfall and natural beauties...
    • Karacasogut Bay, Waterfall & Cave - (24,1 km. from Marmaris)

      Wonderful bay, marina, sailing school, restaurant, the Waterfall, the Cave and the Ancients Cities of Euthena & Amnistos...
    • Bordubet (Birds' Bed) - (28,4 km. from Marmaris)

      Wonderful bay, birds chirps, canoeing, sea kayaking, hiking, a beach, a restaurant, two glamping (boutique camping) facilities...
    • Gulf of Gokova - (30 km. from Marmaris)

      Kitesurfing, Akyaka village, Azmak river, forest camping, beaches and natural beauties...
    • Dalyan - Kaunos - (2 hrs. by boat trip)

      Wonder of nature, Iztuzu turtle beach, mud bath, ancient city of Kaunos...
    • Knidos - (110 km. from Marmaris)

      Ancient city, natural harbor, beach...

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