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Kumlubuk is located 24,7 kilometers on the south-southwest of Marmaris and comes after Turunc. Kumlubuk is famous for its wonderful bay, nice sandy beach, yacht club, cafes and restaurants beside the beach, best hiking tracks, ancient city of Amos remnants. The region has an outstanding landscape. Kumlubuk coasts and hills have one of the best tracks for hiking and ecological tourism.

Things to Do & See in Kumlubuk

In Kumlubuk, you may enjoy your holiday in the company of the great beaches, the sun and the sea.

Fish restaurants offer the best fishes in the region and you should taste them.

Along the through southeast, you will see a mysterious cave and it will fascinate you for sure. It is believed that the cave have hosted the first civilizations 5000 years ago. It has a 4 meters of entrance.

Hiking and ecological tourism are the other options you can do in Kumlubuk as Kumlubuk coasts and hills have one of the best tracks for hiking and ecological tourism.

Like in Turunc, you may visit the ancient city of Amos. It takes half an hour by walking. We recommend you to take a nature walk and visit the ancient city's remnants. Although Amos was one of the most important cities in ancient times, there is not much remains left today. You may see the remnants of the theatre and city walls on the hills. The Necropolis is spread towards the slope of the bay.

Where to Stay?

As Kumlubuk is situated within the nature reserve area, there is only one 4 star and three 3 star hotels in Kumlubuk. There is also a yacht club. For the ones who search for peaceful and relaxing holidays.

How to Get There?

Kumlubuk is 24,7 kilometres from central Marmaris and on the south-southwest after Turunc. There are midi buses to Turunc from Marmaris.

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