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Kizkumu beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the region and the Bozburun peninsula. Kizkumu beach is located at Orhaniye village, on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometres away from Turgut, 26,4 kilometres from Marmaris. Orhaniye is an important tourist place by the Hisaronu Gulf. Orhaniye is famous for its wonderful bay, famous Kizkumu beach where holidaymakers apparently walk in the middle of the sea, water sports, Marti Marina, yacht club, the castle remains belonging to the ancient city of Bybassos, cafes and restaurants by the beach front.

Yachts anchoring to Hisaronu Gulf always spend their nights in Orhaniye. Orhaniye village lies on an outstanding environment along with the beautiful pine forests and nice coves. The colour of the forests reflect to the sea and a wonderful landscape appears. The sea is always very calm in Orhaniye as well. Orhaniye is home to luxury villas, famous Marti Marina and local restaurants.

Orhaniye has a great environment covered with pine forests and nice beaches. The colour of the forests reflect to the sea and a wonderful landscape appears. The sea is always very calm in Orhaniye. The most interesting event that you will see in Orhaniye is that you will see people walking in the middle of the sea. It is a natural surprise for the visitors. The sandy underwater bottom divides the gulf into two parts and you are able to walk along the sea while the depth doesn't increase as you walk far away from the shore.

This 600 meters of coastline is called "Kizkumu" and has a legend. According to the legend, daughter of the Bybassos King, the beautiful princess, goes to the sea for an escape from the pirates. As she doesn't know how to swim, she fills her skirt with sands and tries to pass the cove. She loses her way when it get dark and as she ran out of sand, she drowns. This region "Kizkumu" named after her, meaning "maiden's sand".

There is also a water sports centre at the Kizkumu beach that holidaymakers are able to make variety of water sports such as jet skiing and banana riding.

Orhaniye also is home to Marti Marina (Tel: + 90 252 487 10 63) that is located on the east of the Orhaniye cove entrance. Marti Marina has a careenage capacity of 100 yachts and boats on land and 300 yacht and boat for mooring. Facilities include; restaurant & bar, market, swimming pool, and maintenance-repair services.

Things to Do & See in Orhaniye - Kizkumu

In Orhaniye, you may enjoy your holiday in the company of the great beaches, the sun and the sea. You will be fascinated with the walk in the middle of the sandy sea.

There is a water sports centre near the Kizkumu beach and holidaymakers are able to make variety of water sports.

In the middle of the gulf there is an island and a remnant of a castle on the top of the island. It is believed that the castle belongs to the ancient city of Bybassos. You may hire a raft or a boat and take a short trip to the island. It worth seeing the environment as it has a great landscape.

You may also participate the daily boat trips made to the Hisaronu Gulf. You will enjoy your trip for sure with the breaks in the Selimiye, Hisaronu, Inbuku coves and the Dislice Island. The tour goes for to the night. The environment in the Dislice Island is great with its small canyons and rocky formations. In the entrance of the Orhaniye Gulf where the yachts moor for all seasons, there are remnants of a monastery by the Marti Marina. The mosaics in the garden worth seeing.

Where to Stay?

There are many quality hotels, apart hotels, motels, holiday homes and bugalows in Orhaniye. Orhaniye is also home to the luxurious villas. Holidaymakers prefer Orhaniye for calm beach holidays.

How to Get There?

Orhaniye is located about 26,4 km. on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometres away from Turgut. You may also find midi buses going to Orhaniye from central Marmaris. Participating to Marmaris 4x4 Off-Road Safari tour or Marmaris Village Tour is also another option as the 4x4 Off-Road Safari tours from Marmaris do have swim break in Kizkumu beach.

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