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Marmaris has charming and beautiful nearby towns and villages that worth a visit and see on your Marmaris holidays. If you would like to discover and experience the beautiful villages, countryside, the culture and the nature; than Marmaris Village Tour or Marmaris 4x4 Off-Road Safari is a great option and also one of the best things to do in Marmaris.

Marmaris Village Tour is a great day out and sightseeing activity and excursion made from Marmaris to the nearby villages to discover and experience the beautiful villages, village life countryside, the culture and the nature. Holidaymakers may experience and enjoy the simplicity of rural life of the nearby villages of Marmaris and meet the local people. Below you may find the popular towns and villages nearby Marmaris.

Popular Towns & Villages of Marmaris for you...

  • Icmeler - (8 km. from Marmaris)

    Icmeler is the the most popular accommodation and holiday area in Marmaris and is located on the south southwest of Marmaris. Icmeler and Marmaris are considered as the same region although there is about 8 km. distance. Icmeler has one of the best coves in Marmaris.
  • Turunc - (20 km. from Marmaris)

    Turunc is a nice coastal village of Marmaris located in a wonderful cove, on the south-southwest of Marmaris. A Turunc trip is highly recommended for the tourists having a holiday in Marmaris. A must see place.
  • Kumlubuk - (25 km. from Marmaris)

    Kumlubuk is located on the south-southwest of Marmaris and comes after Turunc. Kumlubuk is famous with its nice sandy beach and fish restaurants. Kumlubuk coasts and hills have one of the best tracks for hiking and ecological tourism.
  • Hisaronu - (22 km. from Marmaris)

    Hisaronu is a popular and wonderful place located on the southwest of Marmaris. Hisaronu Gulf is big related to the other gulfs around and it gives great opportunities for the travelers.

  • Orhaniye - Kizkumu - (28 km. from Marmaris)

    Orhaniye (Kizkumu) is another must see place on your Marmaris holiday. It is located on the southwest of Marmaris and 2,5 kilometers away from Turgut, 30 kilometers from Marmaris.
  • Bayir - (28 km. from Marmaris, 1 hour by boat)

    Bayir is located on the southwest of Marmaris. The village is very popular for 4x4 Off-Road Safari tours. It is very exciting to take a break and have your coffee&tea under the huge plane trees.
  • Turgut - Selale - (39 km. from Marmaris)

    Turgut is located on the southwest of Marmaris, 9 kilometers to Bayir. Turgut developes every year with tourism. Many tourists visit the village. Turgut is a popular pit stop for the 4x4 Off-Road Safari tours.
  • Ciftlik - (26 km. from Marmaris)

    Ciftlik is famous with its sandy beach. The big sands are very rare in and around Marmaris coves. The sea is always bright in Ciflik and the beach covers the whole cove.
  • Sogut - Taslica - (50 km. from Marmaris)

    Saranda Cove in Sogut has great landscape. You may see the Greek Island of Simi. The landscape is fascinating especially in sunset times. There are also hotels and restaurants in the region.
  • Selimiye - (40 km. from Marmaris)

    Selimiye is located on the southwest of Marmaris. It is 10 kilometers from the village Orhaniye. Selimiye is also a popular place for the blue voyage yachts and boats. The village has very green environment.
  • Bozburun - (45 km. from Marmaris)

    Bozburun is a cape located on the far end on the southwest of Marmaris. It is 45 kilometers from central Marmaris. Bozburun is mostly known by the yachtsmen. Bozburun is well know with the boat workshops as the very popular Gulets are made here.
  • Gokova - (30 km. from Marmaris)

    Gokova is located 30 kilometers on the north of Marmaris. Gokova Gulf is one of the most preferred blue voyage destinations with its wonderful coves and history. The gulf has an outstanding view from the high hills.

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