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Turunc is a gorgeous and picturesque beach resort of Marmaris hidden away in a wonderful bay on the southern coast of Marmaris, next to the popular beach resort Icmeler. A must see destination. 20 km. south of the large tourist resort of Marmaris and 120 km. from the airport of Dalaman, this village has steadily grown to accommodate holidaymakers, but has somehow still kept it’s relaxed and charming atmosphere of the small fishing village it once was. It has a superb Blue Flag (ecologically sound) beach nestled in between rolling forested hills and mountains and has an azure and calm sea, over which more hills can be seen on the other side of the bay.

The crooked road with ramps and downhills to Turunc is very exciting with the forest area, hills and beautiful landscape along the Marmaris Gulf. After an half an hour trip you will suddenly see Turunc behind the hills by the seaside with a wonderful view. The sea has all variations of the blue colour. The hills behind the village are covered with pine trees. The region also has a huge variety of fruits and covered with pomegranate, berry, fig, plum, locust and sour orange trees. "Turunc" is the Turkish name for "Sour Orange" and the village's name comes from its quality of sour oranges.

Being an old fisherman village, Turunc, is also a very popular pit-stop for the yachts and blue voyagers. You may see lots of anchored yachts and boats in the night and the restaurants are full of visitors. The Turunc Cove has a blue flag which means the beaches and the sea are in great condition, has infrastructure for the yachts and clean.

Things to Do & See in Turunc

If you’re looking for fine golden sands to relax on while you take in the historic atmosphere on your Turkey holidays, the beach in Turunc is exactly what you’re looking for. The thyme, bay leaf, garden sage and carob plants which grow around here give this place an aromatic air, which is what brought the first settlers, known as yoruks, down from the Taurus mountains to turn this place into a home.

It’s hard to find a tourist who isn’t dozing in the sun on the beach during the day, or admiring the view across the water from a bar at night. The peaceful stretch of sand and shingle has light and cooling breezes and a small quay for visiting yachts. There are no nightclubs here and the nights are serene and can placate even the most highly-strung, so most of the tourists here are those looking for peace and quiet. However, if you’re the type who wants an undisturbed stroll along the seafront during the day but also alleviates stress under speakers and lasers, Marmaris, which is packed with nightclubs, is only a 40 minute bus or boat ride away.

If you travel to Turunc, you’ll have to spend at least a day on a jeep, hiking or biking safari around the area, which all traverse through pristine, untouched and luscious forests to achieve breath-taking views of the rolling pine-forested hills and mountains for as far as the eye can see. The safaris will also stop off for a bit of swimming at waterfalls which plummet into crystal-clear pools. They travel through traditional Turkish villages which haven’t fallen prey to the influx of tourists, and head to mosques, Turkish tea houses and will show you the art of hand-made carpet weaving.

Another highlight of these safaris is the group of olive trees which are claimed to be the oldest on the planet, which are said to bring you luck if you walk around them three times and make a wish. If you want a quieter, less restricted or more romantic journey around the views, you can independently hire cars and scooters in Turunc.

If you want to watch the scenery pass by in a more relaxed setting, head out on a boat trip. Onboard you’ll relax in the sun, have a cocktail and enjoy a barbeque, all interspersed with a few stops allowing you to have a dip in the crystal clear and turquoise water. You can charter your own boat and even take boats which go quite far afield, to the peaceful bays of Kumlubuk and Amos which have beautiful sites such as a fish farm (where fish gather for no apparent reason) and the Phosphorous Caves, in which minerals in the rocks and water emanate haunting light patterns through the water and around the cave.

For the energetic, a great number of water sports are available in Turunc, as the calm bay waters allow a greater freedom for jet skis, paragliding, motor boating, scuba diving and snorkeling than most seas. The scuba diving centre offers classes for first timers to experts, all at affordable rates. Get eagle-eye views and pictures of the surrounding mountains and bays on a parasail, which is pulled with a motor boat.

Any visitor to Turkey should take some time out in a traditional Turkish bath. Unwind in one of the many bath alcoves surrounded by regal arches and authentic Turkish art, before choosing one of the many massages on offer, or having a body scrub. A Turkish bath is by far the best way to experience the luxurious side of the culture, and is particularly refreshing in the Mediterranean climate.

Horse-riding, trekking, cycling, river rafting and fishing are all fantastic ways to spend your Marmaris holidays in Turunc, and the afternoon is a superb time to take a stroll around the markets and haggle for some souvenirs. The area called "Palamut Tepesi (Oak Hill)" is a nice place for a nature walk and trekking.

You may also participate the daily boat trips made to the side coves and beaches such as Kumlubuk, Ciftlik and Gebekse. Dalyan and Iztuzu beach trips are also organized in Turunc. You may also hire a boat and organized your own trip.

Fishing is also popular in the region. Especially in the season during April-October, fish population is high.

Where to Stay?

There is a nice selection of hotels in Turunc, apartments and villas to choose from, some very close to the water. They include plenty of affordable accommodation and great value for money. So, don't be late; plan and book your Marmaris Turunc holidays 2011 and enjoy all exclusive Turunc hotels on your beach holidays to Turkey...

How to Get There?

Turunc is situated about 20 kilometres from central Marmaris (15 nautical miles by the sea) and on the south-southwest after Icmeler. You may also find midi buses going to Turunc from central Marmaris. Fly to one of the nearby airports of Mugla or Dalyan, then travel about 100km to the resorts of Marmaris or Icmeler, from which you can take a 40 minute bus (dolmus) or boat to Turunc.

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